1. TVO Capital Management is the investment advisory arm of TVO Groupe which via affiliated partnerships develop and identify investment quality income producing real estate assets primarily in the multifamily, student housing and limited service hospitality property sectors in the United States and various property sectors in Europe.   In the United Kingdom, TVO focuses on identifying opportunities and providing advisory services within the multifamily / BTR and PRS property sectors.  As an integrated organization, TVO’s respective property service affiliates will provide the property, facility and asset management and investment services across each asset class.  In the US, TVO has historically focused on institutional quality property assets as well as acquiring core-plus and value-add multifamily, student housing and limited service hospitality properties throughout its 38 year plus history and intends to continue that investment strategy.  Across specific geographic areas in Europe and the United Kingdom, TVO typically focuses on identifying core-plus and value-add assets in various property sectors.  Following acquisition, TVO Capital’s asset management platform focuses upon providing highly focused asset management in order to maximize operating performance and investment returns to each asset’s partners and investors.

    TVO’s current U.S. strategy is quite simple: to identify high quality property assets and ensure that its affiliates successfully acquire investment quality, core-plus and value-add, well-occupied and well-performing multifamily, student housing and hospitality property assets in extremely well-located, major urban and/or major MSA’s as well as economically strong secondary and tertiary markets that have continually demonstrated fundamentally solid and historically consistent economic and operating performance primarily across the “smile” region of the US which more specifically translates as the area from Greater Washington, DC down the east coast to Florida and across the Sunbelt/Southern portion of the US to San Diego and up the west coast to Seattle plus the Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago metros plus the Nashville, St. Louis, Kansas City and Salt Lake City markets provided all such markets continue to demonstrate both steady growth and financial stability.  In Europe, the strategy is similar for all property types located in primary urban markets in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic and potentially other CEE markets as they continually demonstrate financial stability and growth opportunities.   The focus in the United Kingdom is primarily identifying local partners for the development of new multifamily / BTR and PRS rental properties via ground-up construction and/or the conversion of other property-types to multifamily rental properties.